We are pushing the pause button in donations for the next two weeks. We are filled to the brim, friends you are amazing with donations.
Thank you for turning a place to live into a home. We are accepting donations again on Friday June 3rd 2022 from 10-4 and Saturday 9-12 Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. 2275 16th AVE SW, Cedar Rapids. The garage door is on the west side of the building for furniture drop off. You can come in the front for all other items 319-382-2882 press 0 for operator
Call us : (319) 382-2882
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Waypoint Partnership with CFR Reflection

Waypoint possesses a long history of serving individuals in crisis dating back to 1894. Today, Waypoint’s mission reads, “to inspire people to move forward.” Reflecting its mission, Waypoint strives to help individuals in crisis along their path to stability. Waypoint’s Housing Department remains focused on ending homelessness, by offering emergency shelter, housing assistance, case management, homelessness diversion, tenant education classes, and resources navigation with the goal to create solutions for individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis.

Waypoint’s partnership with Central Furniture Rescue is vital to housing stability. We know housing placement is more successful if a house feels like a home and Central Furniture Rescue offers this experience to all of their clients. Clients are always excited to receive their delivery from CFR and continue their journey in a new home.

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January 28, 2021|Categories: Testimonial|

As a single mom of two young children, Starr appreciates all help. Homeless at 17, she bounced around over the [...]

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