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Charles and Susan: From Zero to Everything

Charles and his wife Susan aren’t from Iowa, but they are happy to call the state home. After 20 years in Florida, the couple lost everything in a fire and relocated to Chicago to live with family. While there, a friend told Charles about the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area and the incredible support they show veterans. Charles and Susan made the move down and were met with open arms by the staff at Willis Dady. After learning they had little to no possessions, Willis Dady’s executive director put the couple in contact with Central Furniture Rescue (CFR).

This connected network stood out to Charles immediately. “One connection leads to another one. The whole network is great. There is a lot of help for veterans in this area,” he said.

When CFR reached out to Charles about his furniture needs, he told them about the devastating fire. The CFR team got to work coordinating furniture and basic household items. Since the family was in West Branch, CFR couldn’t deliver, but Charles rented a truck. When he arrived to pick up the items, he was immediately overwhelmed.

“They had it all ready to go. A whole house worth of furniture right by the door. They went the extra mile; it was all ready to load,” Charles recalled. “They had asked what I needed; they got all of that and so much more. We went from zero to everything. I thought to myself, we can finally relax. We can exhale.”

Now with the furniture all moved in, their new residence feels more like home. Susan’s favorite part? It all matched. From the couches to the bedding. “They really went above and beyond. It all goes together,” said Charles. “We feel complete.”

Charles enjoys the couch the most, while Susan loves the kitchen items, noting that even something as small as a measuring cup made a big impact on feeling whole again. They both feel fortunate to be part of this new community and hope one day soon to be able to give back. Charles said they would even like to help with CFR furniture deliveries and be part of this network that delivers so much good to so many.

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