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Our Sponsors

Turn a place to live into a home for individuals and families transitioning out of experiencing homelessness into a new place to live. Become one of our many heroes by sponsoring our mission today.

Become a Delivery Sponsor

Help turn a place to live into a home

Our mission is to turn a place to live into a home. We provide basic furniture and household items to those transitioning out of experiencing homelessness, ensuring they have the essentials for a fresh start. Our efforts are tangible and transformative, and we’re inviting you to be a vital part of this change.

Sponsorship Opportunity: Your Name and Logo on Our Delivery Trailers

We are excited to offer a unique sponsorship opportunity that will not only make a profound impact on the lives of our clients but also showcase your commitment to our cause. By sponsoring our delivery trailers, your name and logo will travel throughout the Cedar Rapids Metro area, prominently displayed on the very vehicles that bring comfort and hope to those in need.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

Visible Philanthropy: Your name and logo on our trailers will be seen by countless individuals in our community, demonstrating your dedication to social responsibility.

Community Engagement: You will be actively contributing to the well-being of our neighbors in need, fostering a sense of pride and community engagement.

Transformative Impact: Your sponsorship directly supports our efforts to provide essential furniture and household items, turning an empty place to live into a home.

We offer various sponsorship levels to accommodate your budget and objectives. Your contribution will enable us to continue serving those transitioning out of homelessness and offer them the comfort and stability they deserve.

If you are interested in this sponsorship opportunity or would like to discuss it further, please reply to this email or contact us at sponsorships@centralfurniturerescue.org. We will gladly provide you with more details and work closely with you to customize a sponsorship package that aligns with your values and goals.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Thank you to Iowa DNR SWAP Grant that helped us purchase two 9×12 trailers for us to use to pick up donations and deliver furniture and household items to our clients.

International Paper

International Paper – Cedar River Mill

Thank you to our sponsor International Paper Cedar River Mill. Their generous donation was used towards our purchase of covered trailers.

Central Church of Christ of Cedar Rapids

Thank you to our sponsor Central Church of Christ in Cedar Rapids. Their generous monthly donation helps us cover our daily expenses.

United Way of East Central Iowa

Thank you United Way for the $10,000 grant from the 2020/2021 Disaster Fund in response to the emerging needs of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities.  Through this grant, assistance will be provided to those with increased need due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Derecho storm.

Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

Thank you to our sponsor the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation. Their kind and generous Covid-19 Grant allowed us to purchase supplemental inventory such as bed frames, pillows, towels, coffee makers, and toasters.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Thank you to our sponsor The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for their donation. Their gracious donation allowed us to purchase shelving and warehouse equipment.

Jim Spaight Memorial Fund

Thank you to our sponsor the Jim Spaight Memorial Fund. Their kind and generous donation allowed us to purchase the technology needed to fit our expanding non-profit.

Lutheran Church of Hope

Thank you to our sponsor Lutheran Church of Hope in Des Moines for their generous donation of 4 semi loads of furniture and monetary donations.

Allegra Printing

Thank you Allegra Printing for the footPRINT Fund Grant to help us have professional printing.

Transamerica Foundation

Thank you for your generous grant to help us find a permanent location

St Johns XXIII

Thank you St Johns XXIII for your generous donation that helps us continue to make our Mission of Turning from a place to live into a home.

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our individual sponsors for their continued support.

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