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Amber: The Comforts of Home

With six kids aged 10 and under, Amber has her hands full. She was working with Helping Hands for assistance, who put her in touch with Central Furniture Rescue (CFR). Amber reached out about her family’s furniture needs, then welcomed her sixth child into the world. Amber recalls bringing the baby home at the same time CFR was delivering furniture.

“When we got home from my newborn being released from the hospital, they were pulling up,” recalled Amber. “They had so many volunteers. They were all so helpful and fast.”

Which meant Amber and the new baby could get comfortable quickly and welcome the newest member of the family home in style. CFR delivered beds for everyone, as well as a table for the family, a bookshelf, and even stuffed animals for the children.

With the pandemic, Amber works from home and the kids do online schooling. Having everyone together so often means having some dedicated space helps everyone stay focused on their work.

“The furniture really helps them feel happier in their rooms, especially as they are all home,” said Amber.

Being comfortable is what Amber says really stands out to her. “Having furniture really gets your house feeling like it should, so you can feel comfortable.”

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