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Kathy: The Table

My first memories of “The Table” were around 1950, when we lived in Mount Vernon, Illinois. I remember it being in our kitchen, and I sat there to eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and to color and draw. I was 5 years old.

\When I was 10 years old, we moved to Cedar Rapids, and my Dad surprised my Mom with a brand new hard rock maple table and chairs. It was her pride and joy and took a place of honor in our kitchens for the rest of Mom’s 91 years. (That “new” table lives in my dining room, to this day.)

With the “new” table, “The Table” was set aside to be used as my desk. When my parents bought their first-ever house in 1961, the table was painted and moved to the basement, and was used sparingly.

When my husband and I married in 1967, “The Table” became our kitchen table, after my husband refinished it to its original wood finish. It served our Family well until I wanted something new. For several years, “The Table” lived in our garage attic, until our daughter, Katy, needed a table for her new home in 2005-or-so. When Katy no longer needed “The Table”, our youngest daughter, Molly, used it in her home until she wanted something different. For the past few years, “The Table” has lived in Molly’s garage and has been used to display items at Garage Sales and Thrift Marts.

The idea of selling “The Table” never entered my mind.

Today, “The Table” has a new home…in the apartment of a young man who has recently transitioned from being homeless in our community, and is now helping others who are homeless, as his life’s work. I donated “The Table” to Central Furniture Rescue and was pleased to be able to be part of the delivery to the young man’s apartment. I took a few minutes to tell him a bit about the history of “The Table”. His response was, “wow”. When I had spoken with him, as Client Coordinator for Central Furniture Rescue, about the furnishings and household items he would like for his new Home, he specifically mentioned wanting a table and chair to sit at to eat. I immediately thought of “The Table” and knew I wanted to give it to him.

I have no idea if “The Table” will have a useful and special future with its new owner, but I know “The Table” has a wonderful history of serving my family well for decades, and that is enough.

My hope is that others will think about items they have within their homes that they are no longer using…items which could help others, who are less fortunate, to create “a Home”.


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