We are pushing the pause button in donations for the next two weeks. We are filled to the brim, friends you are amazing with donations.
Thank you for turning a place to live into a home. We are accepting donations again on Friday June 3rd 2022 from 10-4 and Saturday 9-12 Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. 2275 16th AVE SW, Cedar Rapids. The garage door is on the west side of the building for furniture drop off. You can come in the front for all other items 319-382-2882 press 0 for operator
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Next week is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

by Iowa’s News Now Staff Friday, November 13th 2020

Central Furniture Rescue

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Iowa’s News Now) — November 15th to 22nd is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.

This is an annual program that brings people together across country to draw attention to issues surrounding hunger and homelessness.

Central Furniture Rescue is pledging to help the homeless in the community, in honor of Homelessness Awareness Week.

In 2020, Central Furniture Rescue has helped 355 households in the Cedar Rapids community, including many who were transitioning out of homelessness.

Between the pandemic and the Derecho, our community has increased needs for furniture and household goods,” says Susan Johnston, Executive Director at Central Furniture Rescue. “It’s not always noticeable, but the moments that makeup a life revolve around furniture. Think of sitting down to dinner at a table or tucking your child into bed. Yet furniture is a luxury not all individuals or families have. We are so proud to have helped 355 families this year by providing household items at no cost.

Central Furniture Rescue partners with dozens of area organizations, including Willis Dady, Waypoint, and HACAP, to work with individuals and families to help them make a residence a home by providing household staples such as beds, tables, chairs, and basic kitchen items.

To help households as they transition out of homelessness by donating furniture, monetary donations, or by volunteering with the organization, please contact Central Furniture Rescue online or by phone at 319.382.2882.

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